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If u have any cute pics of Jay and B post under lj-cut "power couple" or something like that. ;-) pls use lj cut though.

I love Jay-Z and Beyonce together. I think they are both very smart in the way that they go about handling their relationship in public. Beyonce and Jay-Z both remain very unspoken when it comes to eachother. This kinda helps keep rumors from circulating.

+ i think the fact that they don't show up at award shows together. And don't even sit by eachother (BET awards for examp) is sexy, romantic and mysterious.

what do u think?
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Beyonce and jay Z are a beautiful couple! I hope they get married so that they can have beautiful little babies and bring more fine ass little boys in the world. and they did sit near eachother at the BET awards show they didnt show up together tho-he sat directly behind her and they were both wearing white....I love that.
yes yes too cute!! Thank u for joining Holly Bear. Promote if u know any Beyonce lovers like us!


my very first member. i love u Holly.

+ don't forget to ask ur mom to pick a day.
Edit:: u know i love u if i ask u to be a Mod.

haha i love u fellow Mod!!