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just joining..

I basically am a HUGE Beyonce as a solo artist fan.  She's beautiful, she can sing, she has the hottest body EVER and she's just the shit all by herself.  I've been looking for a community dedicated to her that was TIGHT and this looks to be it!  I'm Ranata, I'm 24 year old african american female and if I was a lesbian, Beyonce would be my

On to the rating of the pic.  Not feeling the pink overcoat but I like the outfit underneath.  Pink and Red together is just not cute to me..even on Beyonce.

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heyy, welcome.

glad u chose us! haha don't worry i would be gettin wit Beyonce if i was lez too. haha.
I agree with you on everything ya jus said, espeically bout Beyonce having da hottest body ever! So I have been going to the gym, working out real hard for months, and I am trying to look simular to Beyonce's body. What size jeans do you think she wears, and how much do you think she weighs. I jus want your opinion, it doesn't matter if you don't know.
Holla acha gurl
I think Beyonce is a size 12 to be honest cuz girlfriend got some hips on her! She's not fat but I will call her thick. Thick in the best way. And you go girl if you can manage to achieve a body like THAT you are the bomb! lol. She's ultra hotness in it's best form.