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hi everyone, my name is maiah and im a huge beyonce fan. [huge as in my friends call me naughty girl sometimes] :o)

as for the picture of the week. i usually love beyonce's fashion, but im not feelin the red and pink.

i love the earings and the jeans look fly, and i can see the outfit working if she took away the red and hot pink jacket, but then again, no one would be able to make an interesting outfit look as fly as she does :o)

my favorite performance, although i dont have a picture, i LOVED when she did Dangerously In Love--i forget what awards show, but the scene was in a painting, and she wore this gorgeous blue dress.

i'll look for a photo and edit my entry

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hey gurly. yea that's my fav preformance too. it was the grammy's, same pic i have.

oh good! i was doing a horrible job of explaining, but it was such a beautiful performance

thank you
thank you
I love Beyonce, I actually wrote a paper on her for my comp class and got a 10/10 on it. Anyways, I jus wanted to know what you think what size jeans you think Beyonce wears, and how much she weighs, cuz I am working out real hard for months now, and I am trying to have a simular body to hers